Conferences & Meetings

A unique venue that inspires, engages and connects people in meaningful ways.

When it is time to unplug from the frantic pace of corporate life, hone your senses, deepen your personal awareness and connect to your surroundings Mir Meadows is waiting. There are few facilities like ours that can provide a special environment for rejuvenation, learning and connection.

Mir Meadows specializes in hosting conferences, workshops, off-sites and meetings tailored to the needs and goals of your organization. We meet with you to define your requirements and goals, then customize your event to make it unique, effective and memorable. You will relax in the comfort of our ranch setting while stretching your mind, and if you choose, our team of coaches and learning professionals can help craft or lead your educational or team building program. Our team leaders are certified learning professionals and transformational coaches.

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Mir Meadows
Grass Valley, CA
phone: 303-588-0605
email: laurie@mir-institute.org